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Tim Cook: Apple is ‘rolling the dice’ on new products that’ll ‘blow you away’

Apple needs its investors to realize despite everything it has creative aspirations.

Most organizations unobtrusively chip away at future items with little location, and Apple is the same. It’s supposedly creating everything from a self-driving vehicle to expanded reality glasses. What’s more, presently we know it’s chipping away at future items that will be mind blowing to individuals.

The organization held its yearly financial specialist’s gathering at its Apple Park grounds in Cupertino on 1 March. Amid the occasion, Apple CEO Tim Cook uncovered some new insights regarding Apple’s up and coming item guide. As substantiated by Bloomberg, Cook said that Apple is “rolling the bones” on some future items that will “overwhelm you”. He later referenced there’s a “long, extraordinary guide” of “phenomenal” items waiting to be dealt with.

This Apple patent is for a collapsing telephone with a super-tough overlay

In spite of the fact that he didn’t give a particular data about what’s in store, Cook mentioned that Apple’s needs to diminish the cost of the 2018 Retina MacBook Air, which at present begins at $1,200. Remember gossipy tidbits additionally recommend Apple may discharge another form of AirPods soon with remote charging and “Hello Siri” abilities. It’s likewise apparently set to dispatch a TV administration and news administration at some point this year.


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